Sunday, December 27, 2009

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Beware Of Lead Poisoining

 Lead can be detected in some consumer products as Toys and Jewelry. Dangerous level of Lead have been detected in some of these items.Lead poisining can be especially dangerous for children under six years of age since their central nevous system is still building.Research shows that children absorb up to 50% of lead ingested while the adults only 10-15%
According to MEDICAL PLUS MEDICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA ,some symptoms of lead poisioning in children are,
Abdominal pain,
Attention problem
Loss of developmental skill
Slow growth
Low Appitite 
 Lead inhibits a protein that is important for brain development and cognition.Recent research shows thatthe level of lead that falls under goverment issued toxicity level can also cause harm.
 Foods and water can be contaminated with lead if prepared in lead glazed earthenware, water stored in clay pots and hot breverage served in glazed mugs is also contaminated with lead.

 Lead doesn't break down or burn up. Thus thiny particles from vehicle emission contaminates the soil,Lead dust then  breath in. Another source of lead poisoning is through lead base paints,pipes.

  Lead level in the blood decreses greatly when the source of the exposure is removed.